Companion Diocese

Our companion diocese relationship with the Diocese of Cuba seeks to promote and develop mission, with enthusiasm and prayer, in a manner which engages the church in circles of partnership locally, nationally, globally and ecumenically. In our diocese this takes many forms such as:

  • Prayer, using the Diocesan Prayer Cycle and the Anglican Cycle of Prayer
  • Offering concrete ways for parishes to participate in our companion diocese relationship such as the Coins for Cuba project
  • Offering educational opportunities global ministry
  • Supporting parishes engaging in trips abroad to visit companion dioceses
  • Supporting ministry projects in companion dioceses as need arises

For more information, please contact the Reverend Canon Stuart Pike, Chair, Partners in Mission working group or the Reverend Bill Mous, Director of Justice, Community & Global Ministries.

The Reverend Canon Stuart Pike

Partners in Mission Working Group


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The Reverend Bill Mous

Director of Justice, Community and Global Ministries

905-527-1316 x330

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