Diocesan Staff

Canon Jody Beck

Interim Treasurer and Director of Finance

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As we search for our next treasurer, Jody is overseeing essential diocesan finance and accounting functions, stewarding the resources entrusted to the care of the Synod and its parishes to further God’s mission in our communities.

The Right Reverend Dr. Susan Bell


905-527-1316 ext 420

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Bishop Susan is the diocesan bishop and chief pastor of the Anglican Diocese of Niagara. She is a mission-centred spiritual leader who serves as the 12th Bishop of Niagara and provides oversight of the ministries of the diocese.

Ms. Sarah Bird

Missional Formation Coordinator

905-527-1316 x430

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To coordinate designated diocesan ministries, special events and initiatives, including the Niagara School for Missional Leadership, and the Children, Youth & Family Ministry Network, furthering the diocesan Mission Action Plan with a focus on the formation of missional leaders who can inspire and equip others for their participation in God’s mission in the world.

Ms. Abiola Dayo-Alao

Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable Administrator

905-527-1316 x560

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Abiola administers the accounts receivable and payable for the diocese. She is happy to answer any questions regarding statements, invoicing, etc.

The Very Reverend Dr. Tim Dobbin

Dean of Niagara and Rector of Christ's Church Cathedral, Hamilton

905-527-1316 x210

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Tim is the senior priest of the Diocese of Niagara and represents Bishop Susan as required. He also oversees the pastoral, liturgical, and operational functions of Christ's Church Cathedral congregation in Hamilton.

Dr. Emily Hill

Parish Development Missioner

905-527-1316 x340

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Emily's work as our Parish Development Missioner is focused on nurturing faithful, vital, and resilient missional faith communities through parish consultations, education, and resourcing. Emily guides the development and implementation of programs and resources in support of the diocese’s vision and mission-driven initiatives, as articulated in the diocesan Mission Action Plan. Working in collaboration with the diocesan senior leadership team, she helps nurture and support parish leaders by providing consultative services in strategic planning, visioning, faith formation, and congregational development.

The Most Reverend Colin Johnson

Assistant Bishop

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Archbishop Colin assists with the exercise of episcopal ministry, including leading worship, providing pastoral care, and making visitations; offering deployment and mentoring support for emerging clergy leaders; and providing expert consultant support in the analysis of structures, systems, and future ministry needs.

Ms. Hannah Keller

Administrative Assistant

905-527-1316 x380

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Hannah provides administrative support to support the ministry of the diocese, including coordinating Synod and Synod Council, organizing program and event logistics, supporting diocesan property matters and grant programs, and also serve the Bishop’s Company registrar.

Dani Leitis

Communications Coordinator

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Dani coordinates, curates, and creates missionally-oriented and institutional content for publication across our various communications platforms. Part of this work will include overall responsibility for the diocesan website, and social media presence. Dani works Tuesdays through Thursdays. You can connect with her via email at: dani.leitis@niagaraanglican.ca. For Niagara Anglican matters, please continue to use editor@niagaraanglican.ca.

The Reverend Canon Dr. Drew MacDonald

Stewardship & Campaign Advisor

905-527-1316 x550

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Drew draws on a lifetime of ministry experience spanning four dioceses to support parishes and affiliated ministries with biblically-based stewardship initiatives, through a faith formation lens, in order to better resource parish mission action plans and build a culture of generous giving across the diocese. He is also responsible for coordinating diocesan fund development and major gift initiatives. He is available for consultation, by request.

Ms. Shannon MacKenzie

Human Resources & Volunteer Coordinator

905-527-1316 x360

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Shannon is responsible for coordinating diocesan personnel matters, including clergy deployment, policy writing, and training; resourcing and consulting with parishes about human resource issues; and overseeing training and compliance with applicable workplace legislation. Shannon also coordinates diocesan volunteer management and screening processes.

The Reverend Canon Dr. Ian Mobsby

Community Missioner

905-527-1316 x320

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Ian's ministry seeks to increase the capacity and passion for Spirit-led and entrepreneurial missional opportunities and initiatives within the Diocese of Niagara. Working with the bishop, Ian is working to reshape the culture and structures of the diocese to reflect a spiritually renewed missional orientation. His ministry also includes supporting and equipping church planters, chaplaincies, and neighbourhood and intercultural missioners. Ian is available for consultation about missional development, strategic planning, and community formation.

The Venerable Bill Mous

Archdeacon of Niagara: Executive Officer & Secretary of Synod

905-527-1316 x330

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Bill supports and implements the ministry and mission of the bishop and the synod of the diocese, offering strategic counsel to the bishop and operational direction to diocesan staff. In his work as executive officer, Bill provides administrative leadership to the people and parishes of the diocese with regards to governance, property, legal and communications related matters. As secretary of synod, Bill supports our synod, synod council, boards and committees in their effective functioning and in enacting their decisions and directions. Bill also serves as the diocese’s media liaison, and any media inquiries should be directed to him.

Laurie Neil

Payroll, Pensions and Benefits Administrator

905-527-1316 x510

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Laurie administers payroll and benefits for Synod staff and parish staff. She is also a member of the Health and Safety Committee for Cathedral Place. Feel free to call with any payroll or benefits questions.

Deirdre Pike

Program Consultant, Justice and Outreach

905-527-1316 x470

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Deirdre equips and animates the people and parishes of our diocese to engage in God's mission of justice and compassion, supporting our ministries and diocesan priorities in solidarity with those who are marginalized and oppressed, and in collaboration with community leaders and partners.

Ms. Lorna Shaw


905-527-1316 x200

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Lorna provides front desk administration at Cathedral Place as well as responds to archival inquires re baptismal, confirmation, and marriage certificates.

Mr. Derek Smith

Property Manager

905-527-1316 x260

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Derek is responsible for Cathedral Place maintenance, property rental and bookings, contractor negotiations, as well as, vacant church properties as required. Supervises the property department and evening part-time staff.

Ms. Kim Waltmann

Assessments, Insurance, Investments and PAPs Administrator

905-527-1316 x540

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Kim administers the Property and Casualty Insurance, Parish Investment Funds, PAP's (Pre-authorized payments) to the parishes and the DM&M verifications (Assessments). Kim will be happy to look after receiving your requests for Liability Certificates and file any insurance claims your parish may have.

Ms. Jane Wyse

Executive Assistant

905-527-1316 x420

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As executive assistant, Jane provides comprehensive administrative, planning, and communications as support to the diocesan bishop, coordinating all aspects of the exercise of their episcopal ministry. This support includes maintaining the Bishop’s calendar; managing the diocesan register; overseeing the ordination candidacy discernment process related to applications to the priesthood and the diaconate, including ordinations and retreats; administrative support for episcopal programs and initiatives; organizing Bishop’s Company events; administering the annual clergy and licensed lay workers conference; coordinating the diocesan administrative team; and preparing documentation for ordinations, confirmations, and Order of Niagara services. News for "People in the News" - Niagara Anglican - may be directed to her for inclusion in the monthly column.