Employment Opportunities

Upcoming Vacancies:

Interim Ministry in Place (if interested contact the Bishop's office)

Ministry is at the heart of our Church and parish communities. At one time, the Christian Church attached the term ministry to those who were ordained. Today we understand that ministry is the responsibility of every baptized member of the community. Each of us must grow in our understanding of the gifts given to us by God, and the same time we must dedicate those gifts to God's service in the world around us.

The Church (local, diocesan and national) also requires the gifts and talents of many people on a full time basis - both clergy and lay. Whether our ministry rooted in our baptism is exercised in the every activity of life, or exercised in an employment opportunity, we are conscious of the fact that it is all done in the name of the God that we love and serve. We are pleased to offer employment opportunities in this spirit.

We welcome and encourage applications from people with disabilities for all vacancies at Cathedral Place. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.