Bishop's Advisory Committee on Church Buildings

The Bishop’s Advisory Committee on Church Buildings (BACCB) is mandated to support parish leaders with the upkeep and renovation of existing buildings as well as to provide skilled guidance when any new build is contemplated.

All parish building projects with the Diocese of Niagara are governed by Canon 4.6 and its associated regulations. These require vestry endorsement by the parish, and that competitive bids are secured, appropriate project management is undertaken, all expenditures are transparently reported. Any project that exceeds $15,000 in value also requires synod council endorsement and episcopal approval.

To ensure compliance and access to professional advice and potential grant monies, parishes are encouraged to contact Mary Anne Grant at their earliest opportunity, and before the dream for the project begins to be translated into a plan. In doing so, parishes will save time and money and avoid major problems that might imperil the project’s success.