Regional Deans

Elected by the clergy of the region (from a list of nominees approved by the Bishop) and appointed by the Bishop, Regional Deans serve for a term of three years. As well as setting the agenda for and chairing the regional clericus meetings, Regional Deans take part in Inductions, represent the clergy at other functions, and meet regularly with the Regional Archdeacon for consultation regarding matters of concern for the clergy and the region.

The Regional Clericus, made up of the licensed clergy of the region, gather regularly to support one another through relationship and mutual concerns. They share in study, meditation and other spiritual and professional development activities, and coordinate matters of pastoral concern to the region of community (e.g. nursing homes, correctional institutions, hospitals, etc.). They consider any matters specifically referred to Clericus by the Bishop or diocesan committees, and pursue together matters of professional concern; all facilitated by the chair, the Regional Dean.

Our Regional Deans are

The Reverend Jody Balint

Regional Dean of Brock


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The Reverend Pamela Guyatt

Regional Dean of Lincoln


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The Reverend Canon Bahman Kalantari

Regional Dean of Hamilton-Haldimand


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The Reverend Canon Paul Walker

Regional Dean of Greater Wellington


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The Reverend Canon Sue-Ann Ward

Regional Dean of Trafalgar


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