A Vocation in the Anglican Church

In the Anglican Community, we hold a spirituality that tells us that God calls every member of the church to ministry. The ministries in the church are myriad, but put together they enable us to be truly the living body of Christ in our contemporary society.

This section of the website, will endeavour to help you understand how it is that you can discern your calling by God. We can say from the outset that it requires a "life of prayer". Don't be too discouraged by that because a life of prayer is something that we learn to understand over a life-time. It doesn't mean being on one's knees for hours a day. What it does mean is learning slowly but surely to sensitize ourselves to the voice and activity of God in every aspect or every moment of our lives. It's a tall order - but it is how we hear God's call.

If you're struggling to know what God is asking of you in your life, you might speak to your local rector and ask about some spiritual direction. Meeting with a priest or lay minister or another spiritual person to share your journey can really help.