Sister Margaret

Community of the Sisters of the Church (CSC)

The Community of the Sisters of the Church is an international body of women within the Anglican Communion, living under the gospel values of poverty, chastity and obedience, desiring to be faithful to the traditions of the Religious Life while exploring new ways of expressing them and of living community life and ministry today.

By our worship, ministry and life in community, we desire to be channels of the reconciling love and acceptance of Christ, to acknowledge the dignity of every person, and to enable others to encounter the living God whom we seek.

CSC in the Diocese of Niagara

The Sisters in the Diocese of Niagara are available to preach, lead retreats and speak to parishes about matters of faith as well as the religious life. For information about this, Associates and vocations to the religious life, please contact the sisters.

Prayer Requests

Each of the Sisters prays daily for those in need of prayer. Prayer requests may be made, and will be kept confidential to the Sisters.

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