Even though “death comes equally to us all” (John Donne), it is never easy to think about the death of a loved one or contemplate our own. As Christians, however, we honestly believe that death is not the end. In fact, we believe that at the time of death our souls enter the presence of the God who loves us, while our bodies return to the earth where they await the coming of our Lord.

     If you wish to "plan ahead" or if you are "planning a funeral now",  please contact our Rector,  The Rev'd Pamela Guyatt by email or call the office (905) 562-7238 to set up an appointment to discuss final arrangements.

St. John's Public Cemetery:  

Our services include: 

-  Full Ground Disposition

-  Cremation Ground Interment

-  Columbaria

-  Scattering Gardens

-  Natural Burial Section

-  Reception Facilities


For further information, please contact:

Brian Culp, Superintendent - (905) 641-5945

                                     email -              

Jim Morrison              phone - (905) 562-4866