News in St. Columba, St. Catharines

June 11 2019 New Office Administrator

The Corporation of St. Columba is very happy to announce the appointment of Mrs. Lesley Grugan-Wiens as our new Office Administrator. She brings a wonderful personality and wide variety of exceptional skills to this important role and we welcome her with joy and enthusiasm!

October 1 2018 Fall 2018 Newsletter

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September 10 2017 Fall 2017 Newsletter

Fall Newsletter

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May 30 2017 Spring Newsletter 2017

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April 18 2017 The Angelic Acre

Through the generosity of the Houtby family an acre of land has been provided for the use of the parish of St. Columba to plant, tend and harvest a variety of vegetables specifically grown to provide fresh produce to our neighbours in need in St. Catharines. The church will co-ordinate with Start Me Up Niagara, Community Care and if needed other local agencies in this very worthwhile outreach.

February 8 2017 Dignity Kits

St. Columba has initiated a program alongside St. Barnabas and St. John's Port Dalhousie to provide personal care hygiene products to those most in need in our community. The three churches are collecting items and creating "Dignity Kits" which will be stored at St. Barnabas and distributed through Start Me Up Niagara. A Dignity Kit includes: Soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, razor, shaving cream, comb, hairbrush, face cloth. Additional general toiletries - lotions, hand cream, lip balm, etc. and such items as socks, briefs, feminine hygiene products are also being collected and made available for distribution. Donations to this most worthy outreach are most welcome!

January 11 2017 Our Team

Keep us informed!

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November 22 2016 The St. Columba Chronicles Advent/Christmas Ed. 2016

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October 6 2014 Memories

60th Anniversary Videos

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