Life Changing Worship

Life Changing Worship

Life Changing Worship is an expression of a parish's life in Christ intended to shape vibrant Christian lives, practices, community, and mission in ways that are faithful to scripture and the work of the Spirit.

Life changing worship creates the space in which worshippers might deepen their encounter with the message of the Gospel, and involves full and active participation from all worshippers; young and old, influential and marginalized, newcomers and longtime parishioners.

Life changing worship invites and compels the worshippers to step outside their doors into the community to participate in God's mission at work in their neighbourhoods. Finally, life changing worship reflects the context, unique call, and resources of each parish within the broader context of the Anglican Church.

Leadership Team

  • Christyn Perkons (team leader)
  • Stephanie DeForest Furtado
  • Matthew Griffin
  • Janet Hope
  • Patricia Stansfield
  • Peter Wall

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