Niagara In Action

Immerse yourself in Justice! 

Dive into one of the social justice issues impacting our community today.

 ...choose an issue and spend the day exploring its impacts and how to partner with people to make a difference. Each small group will be facilitated by a program volunteer and a local issue expert.

Immersion experiences will include:

What you get: a hands-on experience guided by a local expert; resources relevant to your home community; and skills and tools to enable you to make a difference where you live … all set within a community passionate about faith-based social justice; as well as debriefing your experiences and worship.

Congregational Support & Development Staff

Ms. Sarah Bird

Children, Youth and Family Ministry

905-527-1316 x430

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Deirdre Pike

Program Consultant, Social Justice & Outreach

905-527-1316 x470

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Ms. Jane Wyse

Senior Administrative Assistant

905-527-1316 x420

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