A Continuous Culture of Innovation

Our lives are inundated with constant influx of innovative ideas spurred on by a technological revolution that our world has never seen before. Our grandparents would look at this world around us and think that they were on another planet.

In the midst of this innovative world, many in the church have looked for stability by gathering at the rock that they call church. This is not a bad thing, but it is not the only expression of the church's life in the 21st century.

Jesus of Nazareth was the great innovator of all time. He advocated adaptation of faith that shocked the community of his day. He took risks and called everyone who followed him to do the same. Remember the day that he walked on water and called Peter to do the same – stepping outside the comfort zone in response to God's call. (Matt 14: 22-31)

Following in the footsteps of Christ the Church in Niagara is committed to a culture of innovation. "We never did it that way before" has been officially removed from our vocabulary! We promote innovation within the parish model and we hope that parishes who engage in such innovation will share their stories. This diocese of Niagara will increase its hospitality across the theological spectrum, being open minded toward various evangelical ideas. We hope that the resources in this section will help you to understand our commitment to and our insistence upon a church that adapts to its culture and to the needs of a contemporary society; a church that truly follows in the footsteps of the great innovator – Jesus Christ.