Synod Council of the Diocese of Niagara Membership

Regional Reps

  • Ms. Patricia Davis (Brock)
  • The Reverend Deacon Rod McDowell (Brock)
  • The Reverend Owen Ash (Greater Wellington)
  • Mrs. Hilda Pincoe (Greater Wellington)
  • Ms. Janet Kaye (Lincoln)
  • Mr. Connor Wilson (Lincoln)
  • Ms. Mary Salonen Martin (Mohawk)
  • The Reverend Sue-Ann Ward (Trafalgar)
  • Mr. Ray Biggar (Trafalgar)
  • Ms. Susan Little (Undermount)
  • The Reverend Matthew Griffin (Undermount)
  • Ms. Rosemary Anstey (Mohawk)

Vision Reps

  • The Reverend Canon Dr. Sharyn Hall (Prophetic Social Justice Making)
  • Ms. Stephanie Furtado (Life Changing Worship)
  • The Reverend Canon Rob Hurkmans (Continuous Culture of Innovation)
  • Mr. Stanley Bowers (Outstanding Leadership for Ministry)
  • The Reverend Michael Deed (Journeys in Faith)

Financial Advisory Commitee

  • The Reverend Deacon George Henry

Canterbury Hills

  • Ms. Rosemary Anstey

Episcopal Appointees

  • Canon Donna Bomberry
  • Mr. Terry Charters
  • The Reverend Canon Richard Moorse
  • Ms. Jolissa Rogers


  • The Venerable Dr. John Course (Brock)
  • The Venerable Peter Scott (Greater Wellington)
  • The Venerable Max Woolaver (Lincoln)
  • The Venerable Suzanne Craven (Trafalgar)
  • The Venerable David Anderson (Undermount)


  • The Reverend Canon Terry DeForest
  • The Reverend Bill Mous
  • Canon Christyn Perkons


  • The Right Reverend Michael Bird, Diocesan Bishop
  • The Reverend Canon Marni Nancekivell, Secretary of Synod
  • Canon Rob Welch, Chancellor
  • The Very Reverend Peter Wall, Dean
  • Ms. Joanna Beck, Treasurer
  • Mr. Greg Tweney, Vice Chancellor