Pre-Lambeth Conference Message from the Bishop

The Bishop invites our prayers for the Lambeth Conference

Posted July 23, 2022


Bishop's Arms

A Message from the Bishop of Niagara
The Right Reverend Susan Bell


Dear friends:

The Lambeth Conference – a once a in a decade gathering of bishops that plays an important role in the life of the Anglican Communion, providing time and space for bishops to meet, converse, share fellowship, and pray – is quickly approaching. 

The theme of the conference is God’s Church for God’s World. This is a truly global gathering bringing together many peoples, cultures and contexts in the creative experiment we call the Anglican Communion. All the bishops have now received the Lambeth Call document - which is a working document, outlining the many issues and topics we’ll be engaging with during our time together. Broadly speaking, these include mission and evangelism, peace and reconciliation, the environment and sustainable development, discipleship, and interfaith relations. It has been prepared over many months by many minds and hearts - and is open to amendment and/or refusal. It is a starting place for all our prayer, discussion, and discernment.

I know there has been concern over the proposed reaffirmation of Lambeth Resolution 1.10. Please be assured that in our discussions, in our fellowship, and in our conclusions, I will bear witness to the many decisions we have made in the Diocese of Niagara to embrace equal marriage and uphold the dignity of every human being.

I ask for your prayers, firstly, for the safe arrival of all the bishops and spouses. I ask your prayers for the proceedings themselves - that they would be conducted with honesty and generosity and compassion across all the experiences that we will share together in this Communion of ours. And I ask your prayers for us all as we seek God’s will for our beloved Church. 


The Right Reverend Susan J.A. Bell
Bishop of Niagara 

Click here for a pdf version of this statement.