Diocesan Mission Action Plan

Mission-shaped planning challenges the church to think on a deeper level than mere activity…we are invited to think differently about everything we do. The goal of a mission action plan is not a church-shaped mission – it’s a mission-shaped church.

A mission-shaped church is:

This diocesan Mission Action Plan (MAP) sets a course for action and reflection, for renewal and mission; a course that is porous enough to respond to ongoing review, refinement, and development as the Spirit continues to stir the soul of Niagara.

Mission Action Plan Prayer

Beloved God, we are your people
called to walk a renewed path with Jesus.
Be with us, your whole church,
as we seek to rekindle and enliven our faith.
Keep us firm in our commitment
to reshape our culture and structures for mission
and invigorate our social justice engagement,
most especially the nurture and protection of your creation.
Let the whole world see us living
and lifting up the fullness of your love.
Make new those things that have grown old;
and bring wholeness to that which cries out for restoration.
All this we ask through the Spirit of the Living God
and in the name of the Christ who came among us,
is among us and will come among us.