Greening Niagara

Bishop's Advisory Committee on Church Buildings

The Bishop's Advisory Committee on Church Buildings shall be appointed by the Bishop and shall continue at his pleasure.

The Committee shall:

  • At the request of the Bishop, or at the request of a Parish through the Office of the Bishop, provide experienced, informed and impartial advice to Parishes that have concerns about the condition, maintenance or preservation of their buildings, by assisting in a review of those concerns, in the identification of general problems, in the finding of competent consultants or contractors, and in the monitoring of any resultant work program, all as may be necessary or requested, and report to the Bishop on all of this.
  • Assist the bishop by reviewing and commenting on the plans and drawings of any proposed new church building or major modification of an existing church building, and by reviewing, from time to time, the progress of any such construction, and
  • Undertake such other tasks as the Bishop may, from time to time, assign to the Committee.