Bishop's Company

About The Bishop's Company

The Bishop’s Company is a group of members dedicated to providing resources to allow the bishop, on behalf of the Bishop’s Company membership and other donors, to respond compassionately and strategically to the emergent needs of our diocesan leaders. Also, it allows the bishop to respond to the needs of fellow siblings in Christ within our diocese and beyond.

Since the Bishop Company's inception, the many members have provided generously and compassionately through the Bishop’s Company Endowment Fund. Each year, individuals or couples are invited to renew their membership. New memberships are also encouraged through individuals who attend as guests at the Bishop’s Company Dinner and additional events such as the Bishop’s Company Wine & Cheese. To become a member, click here.

Donations towards the Bishop’s Company Fund are also welcomed at any time and can be provided online by click here.

If you would like to learn more about the Bishop’s Company Fund, please contact Mary Anne Grant

The Bishop's Company Endowment Fund

An endowment fund was established in the name of the Bishop's Company within the Anglican Church Ministries Foundation, Niagara. The purpose of this fund is to generate income that can be used by the Bishop through the existing Bishop's Company structure to assist clergy members, licensed lay workers, and their families for extraordinary and specific purposes. The funds can also be used to support other individuals and ministries within our diocese and beyond. These purposes include extended counseling, unusual medical requirements, support in a situation of extreme stress, financial crisis, etc. These matters are handled directly by the Bishop in a confidential manner.

Financial contributions increase the capital base of the endowment fund and ensure future monies are available to support this important ministry in the Diocese and beyond. Charitable tax receipts are provided to contributors annually. A contribution today provides a legacy for tomorrow.

The History of the Bishop’s Company

The Church is more than an institution; indeed, it is a family of spiritually-minded peers. As a family, we seek to care for those who require assistance for extraordinary and specific purposes. By becoming a member of the Bishop's Company members are assisting the Bishop by helping a sibling in Christ either near or far in need.

The fund was originally established by Bishop Walter Bagnall in 1951 and known as ‘The Bishop’s Men’. In 1989, Archbishop John Bothwell and Bishop Clarence Mitchell helped to establish a parallel organization for women, “Friends of the Bishops”; this group encouraged both men and women to meet and support the discretionary fund. In 1994, Bishop Walter Asbil encouraged the Bishop's Men and the Friends of the Bishops to sponsor a joint dinner meeting and in 1995 the two groups joined to become what we know now as “The Bishop's Company”.