Our Mission

Diocesan Youth Ministry is called by the Spirit to create and uphold authentic and transformative experiences in faith for youth, young adults and those who minister to and with them. We equip them for passionate leadership, ministry and advocacy; empower them in their response to God's call and in faith-based decision making; nurture their spiritual gifts; and provide opportunities for them to explore their relationship with God through intentional safe communities, creative and engaging worship, Christ-centred leadership development and relationship-based programming, rooted in the Anglican tradition.

We honour and uphold volunteers and staff in youth ministry at the parish and diocesan level; respecting their call to ministry by providing continuing education, support, recognition, and resources, and by encouraging them in faithful risk taking. In our quest for excellence in ministry, participants, volunteers, staff and parents regularly provide feedback about programs, resources and goals which is integrated into our continuously developing ministry.

Anglican Diocese of Niagara Youth Ministry

Anglican Diocese of Niagara - Youth Ministry

Who We Are

The Diocesan Youth Ministry Committee (DYMC) is a group of individuals from across the diocese, clergy and lay, young adult participants and leaders, adult leaders as well as the Diocesan Youth Ministry Consultant, that meets approximately eight times a year to oversee, vision, plan and support the work of diocesan youth ministry across Niagara.

This working group meets regularly

  • coordinating, supporting and evaluating all diocesan youth initiatives and events
  • responding to initiatives in youth ministry from individuals, parishes, regions and other dioceses
  • fundraising for the Joyce Wilton Youth Ministry Bursary Fund
  • volunteer recruitment, training and support
  • communication about and advertising of youth ministry in Niagara
  • educating the church and ourselves concerning a vision of mission in which youth are seen, not as segregated and isolated, but as a vital part of the whole church

The committee includes the following individuals

  • Alicia Archbell
  • Laura Barnes
  • Dan Bennett
  • Belle Daley
  • Donna Ellis
  • Mary Gordon
  • Barbara Jean Lick
  • Chad Wheeler
  • Su McLeod, Diocesan Program Consultant

Program Consultant, Youth Ministry

This position's time is divided between diocesan program implementation, training and support, and the resourcing of parishes for children, youth and family ministry as well as maintaining lending libraries for these areas. If you have any questions about existing diocesan programs or if you are looking for advice or assistance within your parish, contact Su McLeod, Program Consultant at 905-527-1316 ext. 430.