The Village of Hope

Posted March 19, 2020

Please consider purchasing and placing the following item(s) in the bin at the Church entrance specifically by month

February - peanut butter and jam

March     - baking items

April        - Sidekicks / rice

May        -  snack foods

June      -   Personal care items

July       -    crackers / condiments

August   -   Fresh or canned vegetables

September - Canned meats

October    -  Items for Thanksgiving Dinner

November - Soups / stews

December - Christmas dinner  items

The following are suggestions for the above categories:

- instant potatoes, stuffing, flour, sugar, rice, jam, peanut butter, condiments

- chili, stews, tuna, canned meat, vegetables and fruit, fruit cups

- cookies, crackers for, cereals, muffin and cake mixes, juice boxes

- shampoo, conditioner, kleenex, detergent, deodorant, formula, baby diapers   -   URGENTLY NEEDED at any time

Your generosity is much appreciated!