“Come and Follow Me” Mark 1.17

Christians seek to know and follow Jesus in their daily lives. How we do that is different for each of us. Some of us will encounter God most fully in nature, some in meditative practices, some in music, others in practices of daily liturgy. All of us are invited to encounter God in worship and in the gathering of the community of faith.

One of the great gifts of the church is to be the keeper of centuries of spiritual practices and disciplines that help us know and follow Jesus. The diocesan ‘One Thing’ initiative exists to help us all discover for ourselves one or more of these practices anew and afresh; perhaps things that we have never tried or learned before.

We are inviting every person in our diocese to pledge to discover and try at least ‘One Thing’ that will help them grow closer to God in their spiritual lives.

You can find details of events and workshops in the links at the side of this page. There is also a list of other ideas and resources such as books, movies, blogs, and apps which you might wish to make your ‘One Thing’.

If you choose to join us in this spiritual journey, please fill in the ‘One Thing Pledge’ and return it to the diocesan office by email or by mail (Attention: One Thing) so that we can thank you and encourage you.

For more information please email.