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Hands Across Niagara

Five years ago we launched Hands Across Niagara, a shared annual appeal with the Anglican Church of Canada. Since its inception many creative justice and servant ministry initiatives have been supported at all levels of our church through the incredible generosity of Anglicans in Niagara.

Going forward, we have made the decision to channel the resources of Hands Across Niagara towards the national church’s annual appeal called “Giving with Grace”, formerly known as the Anglican Appeal. We do so for an important reason: the Anglican Healing Fund is coming to the end of the resources generously provided for its work. In response Giving with Grace seeks to replenish its funds to help us continue to foster community-based healing projects.

The Bishop and Primate invite you to redirect your Hands Across Niagara contribution to this important Giving with Grace annual appeal. Learn more about Giving with Grace here.