Congregational Support and Development

The mission of Congregational Support and Development (CSD) is to provide support for the strong, vital, committed faith communities of the Diocese of Niagara, and to nurture the leadership required to create and sustain them within the context of the diocesan vision.

That includes but is not limited to:

  • Facilitation of parish, cluster or regional strategic planning
  • Facilitation of mission-shaped conversations and learning
  • Provision of parish or regional workshops
  • Facilitation of parish vision days/retreats
  • Facilitation of tools such as Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space, Holy Conversations, Asset Mapping, Moving Back Into the Neighbourhood, and the Parish Mission Assessment Tool
  • Training and deployment of volunteer parish consultants

Canon Christyn Perkons

Director, Congregational Support & Development

905-527-1316 x460

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