Diocesan Synod Youth Orientation & Residence

This is an annual program that runs parallel to and supports the annual Diocesan Synod that takes place each November. Youth attending Orientation and Residence are between the ages of 16 and 25 and elected at vestry. During Orientation, time is spent familiarizing delegates with the process of synod and its content. If there is an issue for which they want to create a motion, there is an opportunity to do this as well. During Residence, youth participate in Synod alongside all the delegates throughout the diocese, dealing with the business and ministry issues of the Diocese of Niagara. Youth attending Residence also spend time in community building and just plain having fun hanging out together on the "off times" of synod.

Congregational Support & Development Staff

Ms. Jane Wyse

Senior Administrative Assistant

905-527-1316 x420

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