Synod Council of the Diocese of Niagara Job Description


  • to participate in up to nine meetings per year
  • to read minutes and background information provided
  • to share in budget interpretation at regional meetings
  • to report to Regional Councils (where they exist) and clericus meetings
  • to interpret decisions and actions of Synod Council to parishes and regions *
  • to participate in leading worship at meetings

Term of Office:

  • Regional representatives - two years (renewable once; a pause of at least one term will be required for re-election)
  • Divisional, FAC, and Canterbury Hills representatives - one year (renewable)
  • Bishop's Appointees - one year (renewable)

Time required:

  • one meeting per month of up to four hours (usually the first Tuesday of the month, 5 - 9 p.m., in Hamilton)
  • no more than three hours per month for reading
  • one residential meeting per year (Friday night/Saturday)
  • no more than four evenings per year for budget interpretation


  • out-of-pocket expenses, telephone, and travel will be reimbursed upon prior approval of staff and submission of an expenses form
  • overnight orientation session to the work of the Council
  • telephone access to the Secretary of Synod, Executive Officer, and other staff

Accountable to:

  • the Bishop as Chair of Synod Council

* Participation Group & Screening Requirements:

  • Synod Council usually includes one or two youth over the age of 16 and may include vulnerable adult members of Synod Council and the Coordinating Team will receive an orientation to the diocesan sexual abuse/sexual harassment policy and will sign off on it (if they have not already done so)


For you:

  • an opportunity to help shape the work of the Diocese
  • an opportunity to learn more about diocesan life and to understand your own parish bette
  • an opportunity to learn new skills
  • an opportunity to meet people from other regions of the Diocese
  • an opportunity for support in your own ministry

For your parish:

  • better access to information about what's happening in the Diocese
  • a member with up to date knowledge of resources and approaches
  • an enhanced pool of skills in the parish
  • greater profile for the parish in the Diocese
  • an opportunity to share your parish's learnings with others in the Diocese

For the Diocese:

  • better connections with the grassroots of the church
  • increased cohesion in the Diocese as people from different regions work together
  • more people to encourage other parts of the Diocese to take parish and diocesan life and learning seriously

Developed November 28, 2001 - SFH/bn
* Added February 19, 2002 - SFH/bn


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