Annual Reporting Deadline

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Annual Online Financial and Parish Reports

The 2016 financial and ministry online report forms are ready for inputting parish data!

  • The Diocesan Annual Reporting is to be completed online in accordance with Canon 2.9
  • Chapter 7 in the Parish Treasurers Manual is a good reference tool as well as the documents from the 2017 Annual Online Reporting Workshop
  • We ask that all parish reporting be completed and submitted by March 31st which includes
    • Financial Report
    • DMM Report
    • Parish Statistics Report
  • In addition Parish Ministry reports are also to be updated annually, these include listings of
    • Officers
    • Ministry
    • Youth Synod
  • Once submitted online, please ensure that a paper copy of your Vestry Report, including financial statements, is forwarded to Kim Waltmann at the Diocese.

BONUS THANK YOU GIFT - Every parish who submits all financial and ministry reports by MARCH 5, 2017 will be eligible to receive a $125 thank you gift!