2017 refresh - God in my Ambition

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Do you want to connect Sunday morning with Monday morning, integrate your spiritual journey with your vocation, and build foundations for a life of discipleship? 

Whether you work in the marketplace or church ministry, whether you're a homemaker, a student or retiree, join us at Refresh 2017 for renowned speakers, warm fellowship, and stimulating workshops.

  • 5 plenary talks 
  • Over 20 practical workshops
  • Worship led by Ken Michell 

The 2017 Refresh Conference, God in my Ambition, May 11-13, will feature Ken Shigematsu, author of the award-winning book, God in My EverythingChrista Hesselink, author of Life's Great Dare; and Chris Lake, executive director of the Vere Institute.

For full details or to regiter go to: www.wycliffecollege.ca/refresh